who celebrates their wedding however they feel like it and values raw authentic moments. says screw all the outside opinions and demands and throws the most epic party of their lives that is true to themselves

i'm documenting life first, a wedding photographer second

my hope is that you don't just see a pretty picture but you FEEL the way your heart raced ...

for the madly in love

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I am a full time wedding and elopement photographer living in Long Beach, CA.  Capturing two souls madly, wildly and deeply in love is my favorite. Being able to capture love in a creative and real way is a passion of mine.  I get to tell stories through my lens and I am so dang thankful. Capturing your unique love story is my main goal at the end of the day, I want you to have photos you adore and can love for the rest of your lives and some. 

an adventrous wedding and elopement photographer

H e y !  I' m  M e a g h a n 

For couples who celebrate their wedding however the hell they feel like!




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- Angel + Jillian

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'm sobbing all over again! I wanted to find a second to let you know how much i appreciate the artist and person you are. I'm SO thrilled that we crossed paths and you were able to shoot our big day. I was so nervous that we'd loose you when we had to hit the redo button due to Covid, God knew i couldn't!! You are so incredibly talented and the vibes you bring are radiant like my whole wedding was so smooth having you there. My girls loved you just as much as I do! I'm so happy to have you as a friend now, I hope you now I will recommend the shit out of you for anyone i ever know getting married. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! How are you so talented?! ”

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- Ryley + Jake

“My husband and I aren't from CA, and we weren't able to do any shoots with Meaghan prior to our wedding day. Despite that, Meaghan was extremely kind and easy to work with. We were totally comfortable with her, and instantly had every confidence in her skills. We aren't a couple that's had many professional shoots together, our engagements were our first session, so neither of us knows what to do in front of the camera. Meaghan was a great coach, and I really appreciated that she wasn't afraid to step in and fix my hair or tell me to move my hand, etc. Not only that, but she literally was climbing hills and straddling cacti to get the perfect shot for us. We received A TON of photos and they are all beautiful - from the details to the ceremony to portraits afterwards, we love all of them. We truly couldn't have asked for a better photographer and can't recommend her enough! Thank you again, Meaghan! “

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- Alex + Madi

Thank you so much for documenting the most golden day of our dreams. You captured every moment we didn’t want to forget and all the most perfect details that are so us. We loved our day so much and your photos let us relive ALL THE FEELZ.

Thank you for your presence, your heart, your creativity and sharing your gifts with us. We are so grateful for you! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

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- Will + Bianca 

Our jaws are on the FLOOR! I cant even wrap my head around these pictures and the magic behind them Your editing and the way you make pictures come to life is what drew us into you and i cant believe we got to experience it first hand. This is literally everything we wanted and it matches us so well. This is exactly what i envisioned when i thought of you shooting us!!! You are so gifted and it is an HONOR to have you be at our wedding. Truly we have no words but thank you from the bottom of our hearts. These are beautiful and you made us feel extremely comfortable. We love you SM already!! 

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- Justin + Lindsey

" I'M OBSESSED! I damn near favorited all of them and literally had to go back and unfavorite a bunch so that the whole gallery wouldn't be in my favorites haha. We were smiling the entire time we were looking through them, and this is coming from people who normally cringe at non-selfie picks-of ourselves! You got SKILLLLLZ girl and we are so glad we found you on Instagram all those months ago! we are dying over them and your edits are unreal! "

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- Zach + Elise

We are SO in love with the photos. We cried all over again. You truly did the most incredible job capturing our day. The photos are beautiful but not TOO glamorous, they fell real to me and i usually HATEE all pictures of myself. You made Zachary and me feel ourselves. Thank you for your amazing work, we feel so happy that you were apart of our day and capture our memories that we will cherish forever. 

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